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Prespes Luxury Homes

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Planning to spend your holidays in Agios Germanos, Greece?
Enjoy an exceptional stay in this magnificent house you would never want to leave!

At an ideal place for visitors to spend their holidays. Small driving distances form the famous Prespes Lakes.

Ideal for all seasons round. From snowy winters to the well-known Greek summers, Prespes Luxury Homes proimise a comfortable stay.

Prespes Luxury Homes

Agios Germanos

Agios Germanos, is the only village in the Prespes region that has preserved all of the old stone houses. Is located at an altitude of approximately 1,100 meters (3,606 feet), on a hillside, part of the Varnoundas Mountains. It is 7 kilometers (4.3 mi) from the Prespes lakes, which can be seen from a panorama location of the village. 

The village is especially known among tourists for hiking, bird watching and the Agios Germanos river with falls, which has the endangered species of Prespa trout. Agios Germanos river is on the northeast of the village. One can also see the restored water mills along the river.


Maximum capacity: 15 people
Room 1: 2 people
Room 2: 4 people
Room 3: 4 people
Room 4: 4 people + a baby

Free Wifi

Enjoy internet access all over your home as well as in the patio.

Equipped Kitchens

That offer the modern appliances you'd expect, hotplate, coffeemaker, tableware and utensils.

Living room

Fireplace Autonomous Central Heating and TVs can be found on all 4 homes.

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